Global Titanium, Inc.

Global Titanium, Inc. Global Titanium, Inc. Global Titanium, Inc.


Global Titanium, Inc.

Project Size

50,000 square feet

Jobs Created

150+ Jobs

Fund Utilized


Global Titanium, Inc. (GTI) has operated in Detroit since 1937 and has focused on recycling titanium scrap since 1951. In 2003, GTI began to diversify its product offerings and the business now consists of the purchasing, processing and production of titanium metallurgical products from recycled materials for sale into five different business segments; titanium, stainless steel, steel, aluminum and superalloy. These initiatives required significant expansion of its processing facility, its melt shop, the installation of a “state of the art” washing process for aerospace grade titanium turnings, and the installation of a hydride-dehydride process for production of titanium powders. Since Invest Detroit provided its original equipment and capital loans in 2003, GTI achieved significant growth in sales as its volume has increased from 800,000 pounds shipped per month in 2003 to the current level of 3.8M pounds per month.

To further assist GTI’s growth, Invest Detroit made investments in 2011 and 2013. The most recent investment was used to acquire additional manufacturing space (50,000 SF facility) and a second hydride-dehydride furnace. In 2014, GTI installed a new water treatment operation to comply with EPA and DWD requirements for titanium discharge at a total cost of $4.0M. GTI will also complete the construction of its Mount Elliott building with a loan provided by the Chase Invest Detroit Fund in December 2014.

The company has strong relationships with customers that have garnered consistent business and a number of sole sourcing agreements with several major customers. Representing a stable workforce of 150, up from 51 in 2003, GTI has the capacity to further expand employment opportunities within the City of Detroit.