First Capital Fund

The First Capital Fund is an early seed investment fund serving emerging and newly-formed technology companies in Michigan.

The First Capital Fund is a program of Invest Detroit Ventures. For additional details and to apply, visit the venture team's website at

The First Capital Fund provides “genesis” funds to new technology companies at the earliest stages of commercialization in the State of Michigan. The program will provide funding up to $150K through quick, flexible financial instruments. The fund is milestone driven and focused on helping companies achieve follow-on funding from angel or venture investors within 12 months. Our team will work with companies and release funding based on milestone achievement and market execution.

Investment Size


From $50,000 to $150,000 in milestone-driven investments for qualifying companies. The Fund does not require matching funds or syndication.

Target Area



The First Capital Fund is industry agnostic and focuses on emerging technology businesses. The Fund has a desire to be inclusive to businesses led by women, immigrants, and minorities.

Financing Types

  • Flexible instruments including convertible notes and equity investments

Contact Information

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply at Invest Detroit Venture's website:


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