Detroit Investment Fund

The Detroit Investment Fund (DIF) is a source of private sector financing designed to be a catalyst for investment in Detroit by financing qualified commercial projects and entities to stimulate economic development and job creation.

The DIF provides gap financing intended to leverage owner equity so that the transaction merits traditional bank/senior lender financing. Investments in strategic projects are considered when potential exists for a significant long-term, clear benefit to the economic development of Detroit that would likely not be completed without the DIF.

Loan Size

$500,000–$2.5 million

Target Area

The City of Detroit

Eligible Projects

  • Business Expansion
  • Capital Improvements
  • Purchase of Equipment
  • Working Capital
  • Purchase of Real Property
  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Strategic Investments that Create a Long-Term Benefit for the Community

Advantages Over Other Funding Sources

  • Flexibility to tailor the structure of a financing package to meet customer needs
  • Ability to leverage owner equity to merit traditional financing
  • Access to senior level expertise in a variety of industries

General Loan Criteria

  • Sponsors with a proven track record and personal investment in the project
  • Clear exit strategy for the Fund with expected repayment within 5-7 years
  • Significant economic impact in the City of Detroit

For more specific loan criteria, select from below.

Contact Information

Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Keona Cowan to determine eligibility prior to submitting materials.

Keona Cowan
Invest Detroit
600 Renaissance Center, Suite 1710
Detroit, MI 48243-1802
p: 313-259-6368
f: 313-259-6393